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3 Things People Don't Know About Prediabetes

Prediabetes is more than just a warning. It can have real health consequences. It does, however, give you an opportunity to avoid a disease that can lead to debilitating nerve damage, organ failure, and vision loss.

May 1st, 2022
What Happens to Your Body After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery changes the way your body responds to food. Learn about the positive impact these changes can have on your physical well-being as well as your ability to lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

Apr 1st, 2022
Can You Have Diabetes and Not Be Overweight?

Excess weight is one of the risk factors for developing diabetes, but it’s not the only one. Read more about the different types of diabetes, what causes it, and the role your weight plays in diabetes management.

Mar 1st, 2022
Myths and Facts About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery has helped millions overcome the numerous health challenges related to excess weight. Despite its safety and effectiveness, however, many misconceptions exist regarding the procedure. We correct the record here.

Feb 1st, 2022
Why You Shouldn't Ignore Heartburn

Just about everyone can expect to have an occasional bout of heartburn. If heartburn occurs frequently or becomes more persistent, however, that familiar burn in your chest could indicate a serious issue that needs a doctor’s care.

Jan 1st, 2022
What Is Testosterone, and What Does It Do for Me?

You may be surprised to learn that testosterone isn’t only for men. Learn more about the role this hormone plays in your overall health, what it has to do with your weight, and how testosterone replacement therapy can help.

Dec 1st, 2021
How Being Overweight Can Impact Your Sleep

You’re probably aware that being overweight can cause problems with your blood pressure, self-esteem, and heart. Did you know, though, that those extra pounds can also keep you up at night? Find out why excess weight can make it hard to sleep well.

Nov 2nd, 2021
Understanding the Two Main Types of Diabetes

Are you finding it difficult to understand diabetes and what it might mean for your future? Our expert explains the differences between the two most common types of diabetes and how to overcome its effects on your health.

Oct 5th, 2021
How Testosterone Hormonal Therapy Pellets Work

Are you struggling with weight loss? Wondering if hormone therapy might help? Read how this therapy works, the advantages of pellets versus other types, and why it’s best managed by a physician.

Sep 5th, 2021
Am I a Candidate for Weight-Loss Surgery?

You may have several reasons for wanting to lose weight. For many, it’s mostly about appearance. Others focus on the health benefits. Learn how weight-loss surgery helps you tackle both and what makes you a good candidate for the procedure.

Aug 9th, 2021
Help for Your Heartburn

Have you tried changing your diet, elevating the head of your bed, and other home remedies that promise to relieve your heartburn symptoms? Still struggling despite all that? Find out how a specialist can help.

Jul 7th, 2021
Understanding the Different Types of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery continues to gain popularity as an effective tool in the battle against obesity. Our surgical expert shares information about the various types of bariatric weight-loss procedures and the advantages of each.

Mar 4th, 2021
Avoid These Foods to Reduce Heartburn Attacks

You may be correct in blaming last night’s decadent meal for causing the heartburn that kept you up all night. But what foods bring on that familiar burn and what can you do to prevent it from invading your dreams?

Feb 10th, 2021
Why Probiotics After Weight Loss Surgery Are So Awesome

Probiotics are a catch-all term for various types of bacteria that live in our guts. Often called “good bacteria” to distinguish it from the “bad bacteria” that causes infections, probiotics play an important role in many of our bodily functions.

Jan 11th, 2021
How To Manage Acid Reflux After Bariatric Surgery

Managing acid reflux after bariatric surgery is not easy, especially if it’s affecting your ability to eat. In this article, we go over what causes acid reflux after bariatric surgery and how to manage it.

Dec 16th, 2020
Gastric Bypass Requirements for Surgery

Gastric bypass is one of the most popular weight loss procedures out there. It’s also the first widely available bariatric procedure and has been perfected over the decades. Now, gastric bypass is one of several available options.

Dec 9th, 2020
Trouble Losing Weight? It Could Be a Hormonal Imbalance

Are you crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” when it comes to following your weight-loss diet and exercise plan, but you can’t lose those excess pounds? It may be time to see an expert about a hormonal imbalance.

Dec 6th, 2020
Is Bariatric Surgery Covered By Insurance?

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to get bariatric surgery, cost is a very important factor. Bariatric procedures in the USA typically cost well over $10,000, and most people are not able to simply pay that in cash.

Nov 10th, 2020
Tips for Navigating the Holidays When You Have Diabetes

Holiday celebrations often include a lot of tasty treats that delight your taste buds but can make your blood sugar soar. Find out how to manage both over the holidays from a specialist who is well-known for his expertise in diabetes management.

Nov 5th, 2020
Yes! I’m Ready to Start My Weight-Loss Journey

Are you struggling to overcome the physical and emotional effects of excess weight? Ready for a change? Discover the benefits of viewing weight loss as a journey rather than a quick trip with a fad diet.

Oct 14th, 2020
8 Signs That I May Need Hormone Replacement

You may feel like you’re stuck with the effects of hormonal imbalances once you reach a certain age. But that’s not true. Find out how an expert can help rebalance your hormones and your life with medically supervised hormone replacement therapy.

Sep 13th, 2020
How Do I Know if I’m Obese?

Many people are surprised to learn that what they thought of as a “few extra pounds” actually moves them into the obese category. Find out how obesity is defined by medical and nutrition experts, and most importantly, what you can do to overcome it.

Aug 18th, 2020
Preparing for Weight-Loss Surgery

Adequate preparation is a key ingredient for successful weight-loss surgery. Find out what you can do to get ready for this life-changing procedure.

Jun 18th, 2020
Stop Weight Cycling with Medical Weight Loss

Have you succeeded at weight loss only to gain those pounds, and more, back after you stopped dieting? So, you try again, lose again, and then gain again. Find out how medical weight loss can end that frustrating and dangerous cycle of yo-yo dieting.

May 26th, 2020
Your Complete Guide to Sleeve Gastrectomy

Can surgery decrease your appetite and induce hormonal changes that aid in weight loss? Can it also improve conditions like hypertension and Type 2 diabetes? Yes. It’s not for everyone, but sleeve gastrectomy can do all that and more.

Apr 16th, 2020
5 Tips to Keep Heartburn at Bay

Is there anything you can do to keep heartburn from spoiling your mealtime enjoyment? Yes. Learn five simple lifestyle changes you can make that may prevent heartburn from controlling your life.

Mar 3rd, 2020
Why Expert Management of Your Diabetes Matters

When you have diabetes, adjusting your diet, tracking your blood sugar, and making sense of your medications can be overwhelming. Yet each is critical to controlling the disease. Learn more about managing your diabetes and who can help.

Feb 25th, 2020
5 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Curious about what menopause and andropause symptoms hormone replacement therapy can address? Find out how hormone therapy can give you a boost, help prevent disease, assist with weight loss, and more.

Dec 3rd, 2019