Out of Town? We Provide a Travel Specialist to Help You Every Step of the Way

Have you reached a point in your life where your weight holds you back and causes serious health issues? Maybe you’re considering weight-loss surgery, but will be required to travel from out of state or even out of the country. 

At Southern Nevada Bariatrics, we’re proud to treat patients from all over the world at our Las Vegas, Nevada, office. We ensure a smooth process, regardless of where you’re coming from. This is because we have dedicated patient travel specialists on staff to work with you on all the details of your travel.

What is a patient travel specialist?

You can think of our patient travel specialists as your personal travel agents. Their job and primary goal is to ensure you get to and from our office with as little issue as possible — and for as little cost as possible. 

After you’ve submitted your patient history information online, your dedicated patient travel specialist will review a number of items with you. First, your patient travel specialist will review important aspects of the travel process with you. They’ll collect information on your location and work with you to decide the mode of transport that makes the most sense, dependent upon your health and financial situation. 

They'll also work with your primary care physician at home to ensure they fully understand your overall health. Then they’ll review your pre-surgery testing and requirements for your surgery with you. 

Once the testing is complete and requirements are met, the travel arrangements will be finalized and you’ll be on your way to our office in beautiful southern Nevada!

Why travel for weight-loss surgery?

Patients often choose to travel for weight-loss surgery due to costs of the surgery relative to where they live. For instance, we might be able to provide the same (or better) care for you at a fraction of the cost. 

Patients may prefer to be in an environment and climate that is pleasing to them, so they’ll choose a destination like ours that appeals to their desires.

Another thing to consider when seeking weight-loss surgery is the wait time associated with the surgery. Maybe your local bariatric health care provider is booked for a period of time that you need. In this case, traveling for surgery might make the most sense.

If you’re interested in weight-loss surgery and have to travel to us, you’ll want a smooth process from start to finish. Call our office today or schedule an appointment online to schedule your consultation. Dr. Mustafa Ahmed and his team will work with you every step of the way to provide you with peace of mind and a flawless treatment and travel plan.

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