Preparing for Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight-loss surgery has become a highly effective tool in the battle against obesity and its health-related complications. Once you’ve made the decision to pursue this life-changing procedure, however, the steps you take to prepare can help ensure its success.   

Mustafa Ahmed, MD is a board-certified bariatric surgeon who leads our team here at Southern Nevada Bariatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re committed to helping people achieve their weight-loss goals through effective medical treatment and ongoing nutritional guidance and support throughout the journey.

Here are the steps that are required to help you prepare for weight-loss surgery.

Weight-loss surgery as a tool

Weight-loss surgery is one of the many tools we can use to help combat the cosmetic issues and health problems associated with obesity. It’s become a very successful tool that’s helped many people accomplish their weight-loss goals.

If you’ve given it your all and still can’t lose the excess pounds that put you in a dangerous weight category, surgery can provide the boost you need to accomplish your goal. Reserved for patients whose body mass index (BMI) exceeds 30, surgeries such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy typically result in a weight loss of 50-70% over two years.

No matter which type of surgery you opt for, however, it’s not an instant cure and requires significant commitment from you to accomplish its desired effects. Both before and after surgery, diet and exercise continue to play pivotal roles in your success.

Preparing for weight-loss surgery

At Southern Nevada Bariatrics, we begin our supportive role in your weight-loss program long before your scheduled weight-loss procedure. We start by coaching you regarding healthy nutrition and practical ways to accomplish that in your day-to-day life.

We provide information regarding how to read food labels and calculate serving sizes, as well as ways to incorporate fresh, rather than overly processed, foods into your nutritional plan. We take that a step further by helping you design delicious menus that satisfy your appetite and taste buds as you follow the plan.

We typically recommend you take an inventory of what your cupboards hold before surgery so you can clear out those items that might prove overly tempting. You’re also encouraged to actively engage in an exercise routine that improves muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina before and after surgery.

Above all, preparing for weight-loss surgery requires an extensive physical evaluation that includes lab tests and other screenings to ensure your ability to physically undergo surgery. We also focus on your goals and expectations regarding weight-loss surgery and your willingness to make the commitment it requires.

Taking the next step

Weight-loss surgery may sound serious, and it is, but it can also provide the tool you need to finally overcome your battle against excess weight and the serious health implications it carries.

At Southern Nevada Bariatrics, we provide a wide variety of supportive services that are designed to help you achieve your weight-loss dreams. It all begins with an evaluation and detailed discussion about your goals and expectations.

To begin your journey toward your goal weight and better health, schedule a visit with Dr. Ahmed today. Call the office or request a consultation online.

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