Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Sleeve gastrectomy, commonly called gastric sleeve surgery, is a procedure that aids in drastic weight loss. The surgery aims to limit the amount of food you can eat by adjusting the size of your stomach, which leads to considerable weight loss in a short time. Sleeve gastrectomy continues to increase in popularity because it is minimally invasive and doesn’t require the implantation of a restrictive device around the stomach. [1] Weight loss without professional intervention can cause years of frustration and ‘weight cycling’ or yo-yo dieting. But, sleeve gastrectomy may be right for you if you are committed to positive lifestyle changes.

Board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, MD of Southern Nevada Bariatrics, offers sleeve gastrectomy and many other bariatric surgery options for patients in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. As a top-rated surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Ahmed understands the positive effect a healthy weight change can have on your life. So if you feel like you’ve tried everything and want to learn more about how a sleeve gastrectomy procedure can improve your life, call (702) 626-0499 or contact us via this form, and we will be happy to call you back.

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Weight and Your Health

If you are struggling with your weight, you are not alone. Over the past ten years, obesity in adults has dramatically increased. Furthermore, obesity is one of the most critical risk factors for several diseases, including cancer, and high BMI numbers increase mortality rates. Many studies also point to the link between depression and obesity. While bariatric surgery is not a perfect solution for mental health, studies show a decline in clinical depression following surgery. [1]

Quality of Life For All!

While choosing a healthy lifestyle sounds great, sometimes maintaining good habits is out of your control. Factors like stress, occupation, lifestyle, a limiting disability, and access to healthy, whole foods can work against your deepest desire to lose weight. Nevertheless, surgical obesity treatment continues to be the most efficient and scientifically successful method for people with excessive body fat. [1] While there are certain risks associated with bariatric surgery, the potential reward is limitless and can completely transform your life.

About Sleeve Gastrectomy

Obesity is an epidemic; it is the number two cause of death in the U.S.A. The Surgeon General, Ministry of Health, and other leading healthcare organizations agree that a collective effort must be made to address this significant health risk. [2] Bariatric surgery is a valid option to address this national concern. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy accounted for over 60% of these surgeries in 2018. [3] 

The sleeve gastrectomy doesn’t require a large incision. Instead, Dr. Ahmed will make a few small incisions in your upper abdomen. These act as ports, and fine surgical arms and a camera will be inserted, allowing Dr. Ahmed to view the inside of your body and staple your stomach to reduce its volume. The procedure takes about two hours, leaving a smaller, banana-shaped stomach.

The Gastrectomy Effect

​​Sleeve gastrectomy removes 70% to 80% of the stomach, which decreases caloric intake, resulting in patients feeling sated faster. [3] This anatomical change of the stomach also affects many of the body’s functions, leading to changes in behavior. Removal of the fundus (the upper part of the stomach) causes significant hormonal changes that contribute to weight loss. 

  • With the removal of the fundus, production levels of ghrelin are lower. Ghrelin is a hormone found to increase hunger and inhibit insulin. [3]
  • It is believed that sleeve gastrectomy increases the production of glucagon-like-peptide-1 (GLP-1). GLP-1 is a hormone associated with stimulating insulin, inhibiting food intake, decreasing inflammation, and has positive implications for learning, memory, reward behavior, and so much more. [4]
  • Peptide YY and pancreatic polypeptide are exaggerated after sleeve gastrectomies, leading to decreased hunger and food intake. [3]

Obesity can feel like your body is working against you; won’t it be nice to feel like your body is on your side? To find out if you’re a good candidate for sleeve gastrectomy, call our Las Vegas office at (702) 626-0499, or book your appointment today.

How Much Weight Will I Lose With Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Maintaining your weight and committing to a healthier lifestyle after surgery will take effort, but many patients find their motivation increases as they see their weight decrease. The weight loss after surgery depends on how well patients follow Dr. Ahmed’s instructions and continue their weight loss plan as directed. In general, sleeve gastrectomy leads to an average excess body weight loss of about 60% at five years and beyond, demonstrating the practical nature of this surgery and the ability of patients to sustain their weight loss. [3]

What are the Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas?

The benefits of weight loss surgery are numerous [1] and may include:

  • Reduced BMI
  • Reduced weight
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of stroke and cancer
  • Remission in obesity-related diseases, including type 2 diabetes
  • Remission of non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Amelioration of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Reduced gout symptoms
  • Reduction of musculoskeletal problems, ovarian disorders, and urinary incontinence

Long-term survival rates increase [5], and depression levels decrease. [1] And while there are no guarantees in life, clinical studies have shown that a sleeve gastrectomy is an excellent option for sustained weight loss.

Am I a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

You are a good candidate for sleeve gastrectomy surgery if you:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) over 40
  • Have a BMI over 35 with a weight-related medical condition, such as sleep apnea or heart disease
  • Are committed to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Have found that other weight-loss methods did not work for you

If you don’t fall into these categories but want to discuss weight loss with the leading bariatric surgeon in Las Vegas, make an appointment for a consultation.

Additionally, if you feel ready to commit to profound and effective weight loss with sleeve gastrectomy, call Southern Nevada Bariatrics at (702) 626-0499, or book your appointment today.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Ahmed, he will assess your nutritional habits and psychological wellbeing to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery. You will be asked to disclose all past surgeries, your history of weight loss, and any medicines you are currently taking. Dr. Ahmed and his staff will answer any questions so you know what to expect from your weight loss surgery.


Several steps will help you prepare for a successful sleeve gastrectomy procedure. First, you will need to undergo several tests to ensure your body can tolerate the surgery well. It is also helpful for patients to set goals for their recovery and a sustained lifestyle change.

Southern Nevada Bariatrics recommends you follow these steps before surgery:

  • Start a physical activity program
  • Stop smoking and using nicotine at least 12 weeks prior
  • Make arrangements to be off work for about four weeks as you recover
  • Stop taking blood-thinning medications for a few days before your procedure
  • Enroll in a Bariatric surgery education program
  • Do not eat or drink after midnight on the night before surgery

You will be placed on a liquid meal-replacement diet for a week following surgery. The team at Southern Nevada Bariatrics will provide you with more specific preparation instructions for your case leading up to your surgery.


Sleeve gastrectomy is performed using a laparoscope. The laparoscope is an instrument inserted through the abdominal wall to perform small-scale surgeries. Once the laparoscope is inside the patient’s abdomen, Dr. Ahmed can access your stomach without needing a long abdominal incision. The procedure includes a stapling process to divide the stomach so Dr. Ahmed can remove the necessary portions of the stomach. Patients are left with a smaller stomach shaped like a banana.

Sleeve gastrectomy is performed under general anesthesia; the procedure takes about two hours from start to finish.

Recovery from Sleeve Gastrectomy

Following surgery, patients will undergo a period of monitored care. Before discharge, patients will receive the bariatric clear liquid diet of one to two ounces on the first day, increasing to six to eight ounces per hour. Once home, your diet will include sugar-free, noncarbonated liquids for the first seven days. Following that, you will consume pureed foods for three weeks before graduating to regular foods at about four weeks post-surgery. In addition, you must take a multivitamin, calcium supplement, and vitamin B12 injection twice a month for life to meet healthy nutritional intake levels. 

For the first few months after surgery, you will see Dr. Ahmed so he can monitor your health; lab tests, bloodwork, and various exams may be necessary.

As your body reacts to rapid weight loss in the first six months, you may experience:

  • Body aches
  • Lethargy or flu-like symptoms
  • Increased sensitivity to cold
  • Dry skin
  • Hair thinning or hair loss
  • Mood changes

Remember, the team at Southern Nevada Bariatrics is behind you on your weight loss journey, so reach out if you have questions.

What is the Cost of Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas?

The cost of your sleeve gastrectomy surgery will be discussed during your consultation, considering various factors specific to your case. So, to start your weight loss journey, give us a call at (702) 626-0499, or schedule your consultation today! We look forward to meeting you.


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